Elementor #14

Your memories are precious.

They should be stored with care so that they last for decades to come, and they should be easy to access so that you can share them with future generations.

Our services

Digital Organizing

For many, digital photos are scattered across the web and multiple devices. I will gather your photos into a single organized photo hub, remove duplicates and poor quality pictures, and create a streamlined and secure system for the future. This includes guidance on finding photos in your hub, sharing, cloud storage and backups.

Printed Photo Services

The first step in dealing with a legacy of printed photos, albums and slides is to gather all of them in one place. Together we will sort them according to themes and dates. Your photos will be well labeled and stored in archival quality storage. You can choose the best for scanning to create a digital archive.

Photo Book Design

Photo books are a great way to enjoy and share your memories. I can create a wide range of albums for you. Ideas include an album for an event, a vacation album, an ABC book for a child, or a heritage album to celebrate your legacy. Photo books make great gifts as well.​


Need help choosing a site to share photos? Or, do you want to learn how to create your own photo book easily? Let me help!

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Every project is unique and I want to offer the services that best fit your needs. If you’re interested in a free 30 minute consultation, please fill out the form and I’ll be in touch. 

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